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Edma Energy identifies and secures ready-to-build renewable energy projects. We vet potential sites for wind and solar, enabling us and our partners to swiftly proceed with construction and optimize returns. Our expertise bridges the gap between green ambitions and real-world energy solutions.


Trust, above all else

We have built up relationships of trust with our business partners overseas while cultivating expertise through a global range of business transactions.


Renewable Excellence from Start to Finish

Edma Energy excels in the renewable energy sector by pinpointing and vetting ready-to-build SPVs. Simultaneously, we manage the EPC and PPA aspects of a project, ensuring a seamless transition from planning to execution. As a comprehensive solution provider, Edma is a go-to destination for all renewable energy endeavors.

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We find and build the Right Projects

We meticulously identify promising renewable energy prospects and seamlessly transform them into operational assets. Our expertise lies in pinpointing the ideal projects and bringing them to fruition, ensuring sustainable energy solutions for a greener future.

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Renewable Energy Experts

Depending on the project type we analyze the project feasibility prior acquisition and construction steps, while offering support for construction and trading through our partners and resources.

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THE "Good is not enough” mentality is a constant force in our work.

Steps of cooperation

Our Process

01 / 07

First Point of contact

The ready to build project has been identified

02 / 07

Site Visit

During the site visit, our engineers check geographical and environmental suitability, inspect existing infrastructure, measure solar irradiance or wind speed, evaluate potential hazards, and check grid connectivity and equipment condition to guide project design and ensure efficiency and safety.

03 / 07

Legal Due Diligence

We examine the SPV formation documents, ownership structure, contracts, potential litigations, and regulatory compliance to identify any legal risks or issues that might impact its value or operation..

04 / 07

We sign the SPA

Through the SPA negotiation, we define the acquisition price and warranties, and we conclude the transaction. At the end of the SPA, our company owns 100% of the SPV Company shares.

05 / 07

EPC Stage

The EPC encompasses the design, procurement of materials, and construction phases of our project under a single contract. The EPC contractor will deliver the project turnkey-ready to the SPV, ensuring it meets specified performance criteria. This approach minimizes our risks as SPV owner.

06 / 07

PPA negotiation

During the EPC stage for the SPV, we set the terms for selling power to an off-taker. Discussions focus on price, contract duration, delivery, and performance penalties. Our goal is to sell 50% of the energy through stock market and 50% to end consumers.

07 / 07

Ready to sell

Once the park construction is completed, we go through the final checklist. This includes: grid compatibility, testing all equipment for functionality, verify that protective measures are operational. Once this checklist is completed, we start selling to the grid


Our Projects

Discover a curated selection of ready-to-build renewable energy projects, handpicked by our expert team for optimal sustainability and impact.


People Says

After collaborating with Edma Energy, our confidence in navigating Romania's renewable sector soared. Their team of experts not only identified top-tier, ready-to-build projects for us but also offered invaluable insights throughout the analysis phase. For any solar energy company aiming to make an impact in Romania, Edma Energy is your best ally!

TJ CEO UEG Renewable

In our pursuit of premium solar projects in Romania, partnering with Edma Energy proved to be a masterstroke. Their in-depth analysis and keen eye for ready-to-build ventures ensured we were always a step ahead. Thanks to Edma Energy, we're confidently harnessing the Romanian sun like never before!

Pete Wilson CEO Wilson Fine

As a project owner, navigating the renewable energy landscape can be daunting. Collaborating with Edma Energy transformed our journey. Their expertise ensured our project met the highest standards, making it attractive to top-tier investors. With Edma Energy, we felt truly supported and primed for success in the Romanian market!

Ion Gheorghe Owner of 150MW park

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